English for All

Ответы к контрольному тесту 4

  1. [æm], [big], [fa:(r)], [sʌm] ([səm]), [pei];
    [wið], [ju:z], [grei], [ɒn], [dɔ:(r)];
    [bɔi], [gε:(r)l], [meik], [siks], [nəʊ];
    [lʊk], [sel], [wen], [weit], [bai].

  2. boxes, days, parties, photos, lives;
    examples, men, toys, floors, clothes-;
    teeth, glasses, сities, states, women;
    ways, wives, children, bodies, conditions.

  3. stopped, lived, studied, played, travelled;
    bought, wished, tried, guested, ate, died;
    joined, happened, opened, told, paid;
    enjoyed, let, reached, planned, closed.

    1. I am in your room.
    2. You waited for her answer.
    3. She plays with our child.
    4. He works for you.
    5. We can take their food.
    6. They believe in me.
    7. It is my table.
    8. His friend will come to her.
    9. Its legs were too long.
    10. Let him stay with them.
    1. I am still having breakfast.
    2. This shirt is too large.
    3. Your cousin will have such a toy.
    4. The tourists worried about their journey.
    5. His favourite musical group will have been arriving in our country for three day next week.
    6. Her son was playing on the computer when she came.
    7. The farmer told us he would sell his production.
    8. There was only grass at the field.
    9. He had just sung a beatiful song when she called him.
    10. A doctor will be working for next four days.
    1. The guests will never come here.
    2. This person isn't going to destroy my plan.
    3. I shouldn't know it.
    4. They aren't washing the floor now.
    5. You had no books.
    6. You gave me a wrong address.
    7. This couple won't marry.
    8. We were afraid of not finding the right answer.
    9. You weren't able to drive my car.
    10. She said he wouldn't be happy without her.
    11. Nobody likes too clever people.
    12. The writer hasn't been writing his new book for all this year.
    13. He doesn't have any girlfriend.
    1. Need you stay in the room still?
    2. He won't be my new neighbour, will he?
    3. Did the town have only one museum?
    4. My aunt is going to cook a tasty lunch, isn't she?
    5. Does your dog fight a cat again?
    6. Controllers had already checked our hotel last week, hadn't they?
    7. Why does your friend often work at night?
    8. You and your wife would like to visit this place, wouldn't you?
    9. Was she sad?
    10. These people aren't allow to take it, are they?
    11. Who is it?
    1. We arrived at our station.
    2. The worker goes to his job.
    3. You leave - London for New York.
    4. Can you climb - this tall tree?
    5. He entered - his office without his phone.
    6. His parents have to explain it to him.
    7. My wife is on holiday until next Monday.
    8. Don't listen to her more.
    9. We are in another city.
    10. My girlfriend sent a letter to me - last week.
    11. I'll look at your work in an hour.
    12. It's about 8 o'clock now.
    13. That dog follows - us.
    14. There are some children near your car.
    15. The war ended in 1945.
    16. It depends on your decision.
    17. I saw him behind this door.
    1. one million two hundred and twenty-two thousand one hundred and one
    2. sixty-five million seven thousand two hundred and ninety-fourth
    3. seventy-two ninety-thirds
    4. one thousand eight hundred and thirty-four and one half
    5. four hundred and forty-four thousand four hundred and forty-four point forty-four
    6. one seventh
    7. three hundred and ninety-six million six hundred and seventy-four thousand seven hundred and twelve point three hundred and forty-eight
    8. sixty-two and one quarter
    1. The book was taken by me.
    2. The ball is thrown by you.
    3. All keys will be lost by him.
    4. My games were hidden by her.
    5. Snow is cut with it.
    6. The river will be crossed by us.
    7. The other companies are won by them.
    8. The ring was given her by the guy.
    1. I was more clever than him.
    2. This guest left faster (quicker).
    3. The market has the largest (the biggest) shops.
    4. Your friend spoke loudest.
    5. He runs better than us.
    6. Their pupils were the worst.
    7. He walked farthest (furthest).
    8. Her house will be the most wonderful.
    9. This day was the best.
    1. Мы видели, как он лежал на нашей кровати.
    2. Я бы хотел, чтобы мы отдыхали на юге.
    3. Она верила, что я был счастлив с ней.
    4. Ты знаешь, что они носили это.
    5. Он хочет, чтобы его друзья пришли к нему.
    6. Эта женщина просила, чтобы водитель повернул здесь.
    7. Обнаружили, что моя сестра забыла ее сумку дома.
    8. Как слышно, они боялись этого гиганта.
    9. Думали, что Мария была благодарна им.
    10. Кажется, что солдат занят.
    11. Говорят, что тому студенту не нравится учиться.
    12. Видели, что эти парни бросали нож в эту собаку.

    В последующих уроках больше не будет упражнений, поэтому больше внимания уделите изучению новых слов, для расширения пока еще бедного словарного запаса. Если вы готовы, то пора переходить к следующему уроку.