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Упражнение к уроку 21

  1. Вспомните изученные ранее слова, переведя на русский язык следующие слова:

  2. back, thing, low, also, foot;
    free, cheap, every, know, before;
    tomorrow, afraid, now, time, near;
    train, ground, simply, travel, much.
  3. Отработайте правила чтения букв C, c и G, g, определив какую букву и какой звук передают они в каждом слове ([s и k] и [g или dʒ]):

  4. , , , , ;
    , , , , ;
    , , , , ;
    , , , , .
  5. Вставьте пропущенную форму глагола be, обращая внимание на временные индикаторы в предложении:

    1. I ... a student last year.
    2. Our niece ... thicker soon.
    3. The moon ... too big now.
    4. Your picture ... here in two month.
    5. ... your hands beautiful now?
    6. We ... free yesterday.
    7. I ... happy today.
  6. Еще раз отработайте модальные глаголы, найдя ошибки в ниже приведенных предложениях:

    1. You can to take this couple of pictures.
    2. His niece must will be to get it by tommorrow.
    3. Our friends don't can come today.
    4. Your horse mustesn't leave a field.
    5. Do they can remind me about it?
    6. Must a child agree with every older man?
  7. Определите роль глаголов в каждом предложении (глагол-связка, вспомогательный, модальный, смысловой глагол или инфинитив):

    1. This great women don't have any children.
    2. Does he like to ask her?
    3. The doctor can come to any house.
    4. These necessary rules are too hard.
    5. We didn't have plenty of land.
    6. I want to go to that show.
    7. We looked good.
  8. Переведите предложения, обращая внимание на предлоги other, another, both:

    1. She wants to see another house.
    2. My friend said she saw the other horse apart from here.
    3. Both of cars stand near my door.
    4. One chicken was thick, but the other was awful.
    5. This man doesn't understand you, but he can understand others.
    6. I must find another deer.
    7. The other grey picture lay on the floor.
    8. Both the rooms looked the same.
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